Hair Removal : Why Choose Wax over Razors?

It’s likely that you’ve been using razors for a long time, and this may have seemed like the best option for you at the time, but there are some real benefits to taking the time to explore the alternatives. While waxing may take longer, you’ll go through the hair removal process less frequently. Here we can take a look at the practical reasons for why waxing is the preferable choice:

  1. Waxed hairs grow back feeling softer (than shaved ones)
    This is because waxed hairs are removed from the root, rather than just cut away, so they grow back with the hard, ridged edges that you can get with shaving. It’s those edges that give that sharp scratchy texture after just a short time of growth, so avoiding this leaves you with smoother-feeling legs for longer.
  2. Ingrown hairs  This is something that can happen with any form of hair removal, but is especially common with shaving. The sharp ends of the hairs tunnel into the skin instead of growing out of it, which at best can be seen as ‘undergrowth’, dark dots under the skin, and at worst can become a shaving rash, leaving angry red and bumpy patches of skin. 
  3. Waxed hairs can grow back finer over time
    There is an old wives’ tale that waxing can make hair grow back thicker, which is not true. If it was, we might see a lot more men in salons getting the tops of their heads waxed! The reason for this myth might be because waxing pulls out very short hairs, so after a few times, all of the hairs might be on the same cycle and growing together. This is a good thing, as it guarantees you’ll get them all every time! With regular epilation, the act of pulling out these hairs from the root, can weaken it, meaning that hairs may grow back finer over time.

The method of hair removal best for you is always the method of hair removal best for you. Everyone’s body reacts slightly differently to different treatments, so try out different tactics before you settle on one, weigh out the pros and cons, take these factors into consideration, and take a look at the Veet product area to get a better idea of what options are out there. Beautifully smooth legs are within reach.