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We are all different. Different Bodies. Different body hair. And the way we look after our bodies should always be our personal choice.

Veet makes it easier for women to stay in control with a range of superior hair-removal solutions to suit different skin types, different styles and different moods.

Your body, your choice


Hair Removal : Why Choose Wax over Razors?

It’s likely that you’ve been using razors for a long time, and this may have seemed like the best option for you at the time, but there are some real benefits to taking the time to explore the alternatives.

The Difference between Salon and Home Waxing

Waxing is fast, easy and has long-lasting results. It involves the removal of unwanted hair from the body using wax. The hair is pulled up from the root which helps to give longer-lasting results than shaving.

How to Remove Hair with Minimal Pain

Waxing can be a source of pain and something that people come to dread. This leads them to submitting to the razor and losing all the benefits they’ve built up by waxing.