Tips for Facial Hair Removal: Upper Lip Hair Removal and More

As mammals, all people have facial hair, but it only becomes an issue when it affects the look you want to portray. Luckily there are lots of ways to deal with it and different facial hair removal methods work well for different areas of the face. For instance, upper lip hair removal will typically be different from eyebrow grooming.

Facial Hair Removal: Waxing

This facial hair removal technique is common and appropriate for many parts of the face. Many women get their eyebrows waxed as an essential part of their beauty regime. Waxing can work for upper lip hair removal, as well as for removing hair on the chin and cheeks. You could pay a beautician to remove the hair for you in a salon, but it’s easy to do in your own home.

Facial Hair Removal: Threading

Threading is another popular option for many different areas of the face, especially the eyebrows. However, if you aren’t a trained expert yourself, you will need a trained beautician to do it for you. Luckily, this doesn’t always mean a trip to the salon thanks to threading kiosks popping up in most shopping malls and beauty stores. Threading is very precise, since you can remove a single hair at a time, as well as a whole row at once, which makes it a great method for shaping eyebrows.

Facial Hair Removal: Bleaching

This method is usually for bleaching upper lip hairs so that they become less noticeable. You can apply the special facial bleach at home and, after ten minutes, remove it with cold water. With this technique there is no risk of ingrown hairs because you aren’t removing the hair follicle. This does mean, however, that the surface will not be completely smooth and hairless. The hairs will still be there, just less apparent. But there are risks when it comes to bleaching, which many people find off-putting. It is important to be aware of the chemicals involved in bleaching and to read the instructions very carefully before use.

Facial Hair Removal: Plucking

Plucking, whether it’s for grooming eyebrows or for upper lip hair removal, is a slow process that involves using tweezers to pluck out one hair at a time. It can be painful, but is very precise when trying to remove that one remaining hair! It is a great trick for removing any stray hairs that waxing may miss.  It is smart to invest in a good pair of tweezers for best results

Facial Hair Removal: Depilatory Cream

Using depilatory cream not only is a great technique for larger areas of the body, but it is also a great option for facial hair removal. Veet® High Precision Facial Wax Hair Remover is enriched with Aloe Vera and almond oil, which are great for soothing sensitive skin areas.