Hair Removal : How to Correctly Remove Hair from a Bikini Line

In 1946, Louis Réard unveiled his “Bikini”, a two piece swim-suit that shocked not because of the height of the pant on the leg, but because it exposed the wearer’s navel! Named after the South Pacific atoll where the US were performing atomic bomb testing, these four triangles of material (totalling only 30cm²!) took the world by storm despite initial resistance.

The need to remove hair from these newly exposed areas necessitated the creation of a new term: ‘the bikini line’, and something else for women to have to think about!

Luckily, keeping your bikini line well-groomed and hair free is no hassle at all thanks to home waxing and depilation creams. Here we’ll take a look at these methods to ensure hair removal is as quick, easy as possible.


Waxing is a great option because the hairs are removed from the root, meaning that they can take up to four weeks to grow back. With regular waxing, they also can grow back softer and finer over time, meaning less discomfort for you. There are two methods we would recommend and these can be separated into cold and hot wax treatments. For a quick clean-up, the bikini wax strips are perfect. The wax and ideally sized strip come in one package and all you have to do is warm them slightly with your hands, apply to the area and then pull them off with the easy grip, taking the hair with it. They can also be cut to fit your body’s contours, ensuring a great finish. 


Depilating creams are fast and convenient, working in as little time as three minutes. These break down the hair and cause it to break off just below the skin, leaving you super soft and smooth for up to twice as long as with shaving. The creams come in different formats, such as a tube, like the classic Veet® hair removal cream. Simply apply the cream to the area, and leave it on for a few minutes. Then, scrape a small amount off to see if the hair comes with it and if not, do the same every minute or so until all of the hair is gone. Do not exceed the time indicated in the instructions. If you find one or two stubborn hairs proving resilient, then just pluck these to leave perfect results.


Of course, there is always the option of shaving.  Shaving removes hair above the surface of the skin. This method can cause small cuts or abrasions or even turn into razor burn! However, as we all know, sometimes shaving can be the quickest option.


With any hair removal method, it is recommended that you test it on a small patch of skin to ensure that you won’t have a reaction. Following removing the hair from your bikini line, avoid scented or harsh soaps or moisturisers for twenty-four hours afterward, and it is recommended that you avoid tight or scratchy underwear to stay free of irritation. For amazing results, exfoliate twenty-four hours before the treatment, and wash the area with warm water then  dry it carefully. This can help make the process easier, and effective, ensuring you’re left beautiful and beach ready.