Night and Day: A Plan for Both

Everyone is different when it comes to our daily beauty routines. Some of us are up and singing in the shower within five minutes of the alarm clock’s ring, while others would rather dream away the morning for some extra beauty sleep. Some night owls like to stay up for late-night pamper sessions, while others would rather take a quick make-up wipe to the face and head straight to bed.

Whether you’re a morning person or a lover of late nights, we’ve got some hair removal tips that should fit right into your beauty regimen, hopefully giving you the smoothest results when you strut your stuff throughout the day!

Sleeping Beauty

Pressing snooze on your alarm clock for just 10 more minutes of coveted sleep in the morning? We’ve all been there! Of course, this can often leave you with little time before you have to get yourself out the door. What you might be looking for is a quick solution that won’t add extra tasks to your already compact prep time, without compromising on results. For you, we recommend an in-shower solution to your hair-removal needs. You might consider shaving, which can be a quick fix, but a rushed job could lead to unwanted nicks and grazes.

For even snappier results, why not try an in-shower depilatory cream? Veet® Botanic Inspirations® In Shower Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Formula can give smooth results in as few as three to six minutes, working away while you move on elsewhere with a quick shampoo and conditioner. The cream can be quickly rinsed away with virtually no mess, minimizing clean-up time and giving you a moment to grab some breakfast before you walk out the door.

The Early Bird

For those of you who like to leave plenty of time in morning, whether it’s for picking out the perfect outfit, cooking up a stack of banana pancakes, or catching up with the morning paper, you may find you have time for a more leisurely hair removal method. You might want to try a warm wax solution, such as Veet® Botanic Inspirations® Warm Sugar Wax, which can give you salon-like results in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for anyone with some time to spare in the morning, the wax melts in approximately 10 minutes in hot water (or 40 seconds in the microwave), allowing you some time to catch up on the headlines with a cup of coffee. Once warmed, place the wax on the skin in the direction of growth, then apply the fabric strip in the direction of the hair growth and pull away. Start thinking about which outfit will best show off your smooth results, because every pull will reveal beautifully soft skin!

The Night Owl

Some people just love to stay up late watching movies, reading books, or making midnight snacks. You’re in your element at night, so why not use the time to give yourself a salon-like experience at home? Throw on some soothing music, light a few candles, and give intense pulsed light (IPL) technology a try? IPL works by focusing a broad spectrum of light on the pigment of the hair, eliminating hair growing cells. After as few as 10 sessions, you could start to see a permanent reduction in hair growth, without visiting a salon once.

Prepare your treatment by shaving the unwanted areas of hair. Get in a comfortable position to start using the device. The Veet® Infini’Silk® Pro even comes with a special feature for taking care of delicate bikini and facial areas. Be sure to read the manual carefully before use.

When you eventually do hit the hay, you’ll know you spent your evening wisely!

Early to Bed!

Late nights are not for everyone. That’s doesn't mean you should compromise on smooth skin! Luckily, Veet® Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover, Legs & Body can give you long lasting smooth results, with a fraction of the prep-time of warm waxing. Simply warm the strips between your hands, pat them down in the direction of regrowth, and pull away, taking the hairs with it from the root. After your session a quick once-over with a Veet® Perfect Finish Wipe* and you’ll be ready to start counting sheep. Best of all, any redness that appears will start to diminish overnight. Let your body do the work while you get on with sleeping!

Our sleeping patterns are important, and you don’t need to change yours to achieve smooth results!

*Included with some products. Check the pack to see if your product includes this.