Hair Removal : Leg Hair Removal with Veet®

There are a lot of different at home methods for leg hair removal, including shaving, waxing and depilatory creams. Whether you are rushed for time and need to remove hair swiftly, or are looking to pamper yourself and achieve long lasting softness, there is always a solution.

You might find that the hair on the upper part of your legs is finer than the lower part of your legs, from the knees down. Everyone is different and whether you decide to opt for full leg or half leg hair removal, it is entirely your choice – as is your preferred method. Let’s a take a closer look at some of the most popular ways to remove leg hair.


Shaving your legs is quick, relatively inexpensive, and an easy way to remove leg hair at home. The downside is that hair can regrow quite quickly and there’s a risk of nicks and cuts. Also, shaving can sometimes cause skin irritation, so if you have sensitive skin, you may want to reconsider if shaving is the right leg hair removal method for you.

Tip:If you do choose shaving, make sure you replace your razor blade regularly, use a moisturizing shaving cream and always exfoliate beforehand.


Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal or depilatory creams are quick, relatively painless and easy to use. Veet® In Shower Hair Removal Cream can provide smoothness that lasts up to twice as long as shaving. Veet® depilatory creams have a great floral fragrance* and contain moisturizing ingredients for even more beautiful skin. With some Veet creams you can remove leg hair in as little as 3 to 6 minutes. **

Tip:Try our Veet® Botanic Inspirations® In Shower Hair Removal Cream to save even more time.



For long lasting smoothness, you may find waxing a great leg hair removal option. With Veet® Ready to Use Wax Strips, you can achieve perfect results at home. Ideal for those who are short on time! Our range of products are designed for almost every part of the body. We go beyond removing leg hair and have strips specially designed for the face, bikini line, and underarm. If you are waxing at home for the first time, rest easy because these cold wax strips are simple to use. Our specially formulated wax strips act like a liquid during application, which helps to coat different lengths of hair. They even work on hair as short as .06 inches or 1.5mm, so you do not have to wait long between hair removal sessions! When removing the strip, the wax locks the hair, delivering smoothness.

Tip:After waxing, remove any excess wax with a Finish Wipe provided. You can also apply baby oil to your legs post wax. This will also help clean up any residual wax on your legs.


* Synthetic Fragrance.

** This time may vary depending on the product variant. Depilatories for normal skin: 3 to 6 minutes. Depilatories for Sensitive Skin: 5 to 10 minutes. Be sure to observe the precautions for use and the times of use indicated in the instructions.