Depilatory Creams: A Home Hair Removal Solution

We would all love to splash out our monthly earnings on day-trips to the spa, being pampered head-to-toe like pop royalty. But let’s face it, as most modern, budget-conscious women will probably let you know, this is not always a sustainable option.

If this is ringing true for you, then opting for a simple home hair removal product, like depilatory creams, could be the answer. Firstly, the difference in cost can be staggering! Likewise, there is the convenience of being in your own home, not having to make an advance appointment, and the added element of privacy. Lastly, some depilatory creams can take effect in as little as five minutes[1], perfect if you are sprucing up last minute on the way to work, or out for a romantic evening. Let’s take a look at the different depilatory cream options, and find a couple of little tips to have you dishing out sleek, smooth legs, like the pros!

What are Depilatory Creams?

Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair just below the surface of the skin[2], which can then be washed or wiped away, providing safe and pain-free results, which are more long-lasting than shaving.[3]


Let’s start with the basics! Smooth legs are a must have when leaving the house, but there isn’t always time to wax, let alone make a detour to the salon. Depilatory cream is great option if you’re rushing out the door, and can leave you with smooth results for up to 2x longer than shaving. What’s more, some can even be used in the shower. Simply apply the cream, wait for the indicated time, and rinse away. Smooth legs in the time it takes for your conditioner to set? It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.


Underarms can be a tricky spot. You may be wary of getting a neat, polished result when tackling this area. But never fear! Veet® wax strips make it easy to adhere to your body’s curves and contours with precision. This is a great option if you are worried about getting neat results in those hard-to-reach areas.


You might wonder whether depilatory creams are suitable for more sensitive areas like your bikini line. The good news is, they are! However, the skin around your bikini area can naturally be more sensitive, and more prone to irritation than the skin found elsewhere on your body. For this reason, you may wish to consider a depilatory cream formulated for sensitive skin. Veet® sensitive skin products contain enriching ingredients such as Aloe Vera, specially added to quell any irritation you might feel. However, when in doubt, it’s a good practice to test your cream on a less sensitive area first (like on your leg), before moving on to your bikini line.

Depilatory creams are a great at-home option if you are looking for quick, painless and cost-effective hair removal! So why not save your next big trip to the spa for when you really deserve some TLC, and become a hair removal expert in your own home? Besides, with the money you would be spending on appointments, your next trip to the spa might include a full body massage!