Botanic Inspirations

When it comes to hair removal, it’s great to know there are lots of options at your finger-tips. It’s even better when they include your favorite natural scents and nourishing ingredients. From enchanting vanilla to rich avocado oil, Veet® Botanic Inspirations explores the soothing freshness and fragrances that nature has to offer, with a range of waxes, creams, and hair removal kits. Here’s a look at some of the options available as part of the new Veet® Botanic Inspirations range.

Warm Sugar Wax

Oriental waxing, or sugaring, involves covering the area of skin in a warm sugar-paste, and pulling it back off, removing the hairs at the root. Veet® naturally inspired Warm Sugar Wax is removed with strips, unlike the classic sugaring method, and is now available using 100% natural ingredients, enriched with Argan Oil for sensitive, dry, and normal skin-types. It can be quickly heated using your microwave, or in a water bath. However, keep a close eye on the instructions to avoid overheating the wax.

Depilatory Creams

Not everyone is an enormous fan of waxing. However, depilatory creams can be a great alternative if you are hoping to take the ouch-factor out of hair removal, especially if you’re in a rush. Not only this, but Veet® Botanic Inspirations In Shower Hair Removal Cream comes in a beautiful fresh scent. Depilatory creams can give smoother results than other options such as shaving, as the cream dissolves the hair, instead of cutting straight across it. Again, it is important to test your product first, and never leave the cream on for longer than the indicated time (follow all on-pack directions for best results).

Whether you opt for waxing or creams, with Veet® Botanic Inspirations range, it’s great to know you can bring the natural scents and properties of the great outdoors to your beauty routine, as well as getting great results.