VEET® Wax Strip Kit - Legs & Body 4/40 ct.

Product Features

  • Easy Gelwax™ Technology
  • Best results ever.
  • Removes 95% of hair at first application.
  • Sensitive formula with Shea Butter

Product Description

These Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips are ideal for removing unwanted hair on the leg and body closer to the root. Veet has specially formulated these wax strips to act like a liquid during applications, coating different lengths of hair, even those as short as 1.5 mm. The salon-like wax strips provide a premium feel. Unlike shaving, there are no nicks or bumps, and the results last up to four weeks. The wax strips lock in hair to gently lift away at the root. You're left with smooth, silky skin that lasts for up to four weeks.