Veet® Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler - Expert

Veet® Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler - Expert

Gentle Shaving and Precise Shaping for your Delicate Body Parts

New Veet® Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler - Expert is specially tailored to gently trim and precisely shape hair on your delicate body parts (face, bikini, and underarms).

  • Waterproof: Suitable for dry use, in bath and under the shower with anti-slip grip for optimal wet use
  • Quick and Gentle: Its cutting blades don't touch the skin, so no fear of cuts!
  • High Precision: Dedicated accessories to achieve precise shaping and styling.
  • Ideal for quick touch-ups, wherever you want.

Box Contents

  • 1 Beauty Styler Expert
  • 1 Two-sided precision adjustable head for optimal eyebrow shaping
  • 1 Bikini trimming head
  • 1 Eyebrow comb attachment
  • 2 Bikini comb attachment
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 Beauty pouch
  • 1 AA battery included


Formula Type

  • Normal
  • Sensitive


  • Ready to use


  • Quick results

Body Area

  • Face
  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms
How To Use

How to Use - Face


Step 1: Prepare

Use the precision adjustable head and tilt it for even greater precision and comfort of use.


Step 2: Trim

Choose between the 2mm or 4mm combs and place it on the eyebrow head. Trim against the direction of hair growth.


Step 3: Shape the way you want

The 2-sided precision adjustable head, 16mm or 6mm, allows for optimal eyebrow shaping.



Enjoy stunning eyebrows thanks to Veet® Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler.

How to Use - Bikini


Step 1: Trim

Put the large comb head on the body of the device and choose between the 2 different combs (2mm and 4mm).


Step 2: Shape and Trim

On dry skin or under water, trim your bikini line by placing the device on your skin and moving in the opposite direction of hair growth.


Step 3: High Precision

The horizontal trimmer head helps you achieve precise styling.



Enjoy the amazing results and a gentle finish. You can also use to trim your underarms.



  • Please read all instructions before using this product
  • Do not use if there is any damage on the inside/outside of the blades or comb accessories
  • If your skin is sensitive, allergic to cosmetics, or easily irritated when shaving, please try on arms or legs before using the product
  • Don’t put the product close to heating devices, fire, or under direct sunlight
  • Do not use with shaving gel or foam. Use on dry skin only
  • Though the shaver is water rinseable, do not soak in water
  • Rinse trimmer with tap water. Do not use seawater, cleanser or hot water
  • Do not dismantle
  • Keep out of reach of children