VEET® 2-Step Facial Cream Hair Remover Kit

Soft and Smooth — the Perfect Combination


Enjoy smoothness that lasts for up to a week with our Facial Hair Cream Kit Hair Remover. Unlike shaving, which can sometimes dry the delicate surface of your skin, our Facial Hair Cream formula contains Hydro’Restor™ ingredients that work to restore your skin’s hydration levels.

Each Pack Contains
  • 1 50ml Hair Removal Cream
  • 1 50ml Gentle Finishing Cream
  • 1 Perfect Touch spatula
  • Time
  • 5 minutes
  • Body Area
  • Face
  • Skin Type
  • Normal
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Directions of Use

Congrats, you’re only a few simple steps away from rocking some silky-soft and smooth skin.

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  • The Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit is perfect for those that use waxing for hair removal. Setup and directions are easy to follow and the quality is much like what you would see in a professional salon.

    Jenna G.

  • I loved this product! It's simple, quick and clean. Overall a great hair removal solution.

    Victoria M.

  • Veet is an awesome hair removing cream. Its easy to apply and remove. I use on mainly on my arms, legs and bikini line and it works well for me. After use I am left with smooth hair free skin that.

    Ashley L.

  • I have unwanted facial hair and this product works to remove that. It it easy to apply and remove. it does sting a little at first, but you use the finishing wipes to ease the pain and remove the rest of the wax.

    Kristin R.

  • Great new at home waxing system that actually works is affordable and not painful. Definitely a must try.

    Elena V.

  • Lived the detailed instructions! Very simple to use!

    Danielle D.

  • Overall great product and very easy to use! Product heats up in about 30 minutes and than your ready to start waxing! Also very easy cleanup!

    Jessica W.

  • This was an easy, no fuss, no mess process. I was able to do both of my arms in about a half and hour by myself. Great smooth results, with little irritation and minimal pain. I love this product and would definitely buy it again.

    Andrea B.

  • Very easy to use and extremely convenient! I love that it keeps the wax at a constant temperature! This is a great product and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

    M A.

  • The Veet Easy Wax Roll-on kit is one of the best waxing kits I've ever tried. It truly makes waxing very easy and quick. It also gives you the smoothest skin and the results last much longer than shaving. I love how great my skin looks after I've used this kit. The hair removal strips make it mess-free and easy to remove hair in one quick motion.

    Sherry S.

  • Veet EasyWax electrical roll-on Kit is a great upgrade from wax strips or wax jars and spatulas. Easy to use, no mess and gentle on skin. Great product!

    Renata B.

  • These wax strips are my favorite brand, I have tried other brands but they just do not measure up to the veet. The only issue I see is the amount of facial wipes they give you per box. It just isn't enough to go along with the large amount of wax strips they give you.

    Yolanda N.

  • i like that i dont have to wait for the wait to heat up and its not very hot

    Danielle V.

  • This thick formula, enriched with essential oils, leaves legs very smooth and soft to the touch. Unlike other products, it's not drying or rough after working. The scent is easy on the nose and doesn't smell medicinal. After several consistent treatments with Veet, most of my hair grows back really fine (if at all), and I don't have to treat it as often.

    Shawn D.

  • Great!

    Heather J.

  • No stubble, very smooth.

    Dawn F.

  • It works easy. Just apply to skin and wait 5 minutes. Then remove with a wet cloth. It smells bad. It removes the hair from the root so that way you do not have to shave as often. It is for sensitive skin since it has aloe in it.

    Angie C.

  • I like Veet although I don't use it very often. It doesn't leave a razor burn or any sort of rash. It is relatively easy to use.

    Erika L.

  • I mainly use this hair remover for my bikini area. It works wonderfully! I put some on, leave it on for 6 minutes, and rinse it off in the shower. It removes hair is a very sensitive area without irritating my skin.

    Sharon S.