Hair Removal Winter

Hair Removal : Winter – Do You Follow the Same Routine as Summer?

The nights have drawn in, the clocks have gone back, and the summer dresses have been put away. Now we usher in the time of sweaters, long sleeves, thick tights and thermal pants! Because we’re layered in the winter, it can be tempting to let the beauty regimen slip. There are benefits to doing this, but there are also some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of letting your winter coat grow out!

Should I Keep Waxing Over Winter?


You could save money not having to go to the salon to receive a wax.


Waxing exfoliates and encourages the renewal of skin cells that can cause dry skin.


You want a break from having to go through the discomfort.



You’d keep the beautiful smooth skin you worked so hard on over summer.


The hair could help keep you warm!


You’d always be ready to slip on that long black dress and dash out to any last minute winter parties!


There’s no need to feel that you shouldn’t wax over winter, as there are some easy and quick solutions to keep you looking and feeling great. Rather than heading to the salon, you can get quality results from home with Veet® Wax Strips.. By regularly waxing through the winter, you’ll help the hairs regrow finer and thinner for when it’s time to whip the legs and underarms out again. Most people frantically moisturize to avoid dry skin during the winter. The fact is that this moisturizing is often wasted on dead skin and blocked pores. Waxing helps remove dead skin cells and also keeps your skin exfoliated, so that when you moisturize the cream is going to where it needs to be.

Waxing can seem slightly more painful over winter, and this is because in the cold your body contracts, even down to your follicles. Because these are holding on tightly to the hairs, it can hurt a bit more when they are pulled out. The very simple way to combat this is to make sure that you to wash or bathe the area in warm water before any treatment. This helps relax your skin and open up your pores, which may help reduce discomfort from waxing, but you need to remember that the area you’re about to wax needs to be perfectly dry before applying the wax.

So this winter, stay on top of your hair removal routine to reap the benefits year round, as well as at that last minute holidayparty.

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